Waxon Brow Package

Purchase all 4 Waxon cosmetic products (WOW BROW DUO, BROW FIX, BROW BRUSH & LIP LUSTER) and receive an exclusive Waxon cosmetic bag complimentary. Cosmetic Bag is crafted of silver leather-like material and mesh and has a strap for easy carrying. This bag is ideal for holding all of your beauty essentials. Roll over the image to the left for product detail.

Purchase Waxon Makeup Products online directly and securely.

Waxon Lip Luster


This clear, paraben-free lip gloss is the go-to item for creating soft and supple lips. Add beautiful shine and luster to bare lips or use as a complement to your favourite lipstick.

Purchase Waxon Lip Luster online directly and securely.

Waxon Wow Brow Duo


Create natural-looking brows with Waxon's WOW BROW DUO. This lightweight powder compact comes with two different shades, a dark and a light, that allows for individualized blending, to create the perfect brow color. Palettes available: Blonde, Brunette, Dark.


WOW BROW DUO is available to purchase online directly and securely in Blonde, Brunette, and Dark

Purchase Waxon Wow Brow Duo in Blonde.

Purchase Waxon Wow Brow Duo in Brunette.

Purchase Waxon Wow Brow Duo in Dark.

Waxon Brow Fix


This clear, long-wear gel sets, defines, and holds brows in place all day. The flexible hold gel tames brows without stiffness for a natural finish. Great for all hair colours.

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Waxon Brow Brush


This slender Brow Brush does double duty with two sides. On one-side, the angled brush is packed densely with synthetic bristles for precise and versatile application of Waxon's WOW BROW DUO, to blend for a natural finish. The other side, with soft bristles, shaped like a mascara wand, is ideal for taming and shaping brows, and very effective when used with Waxon's BROW FIX.

Purchase Waxon Brow Brush online directly and securely.

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