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It's Been A While...

February 23, 2021

Since it has been quite a while (to say the least) since your last wax or laser appointment, we've asked WAXON’s Lead Trainer + Educator, Stephanie Skweres, for some pro tips to ensure your first appointment after lockdown is smooth sailing. And don’t worry, we’ve also included tips below if you’re still in DIY mode at home.

How should I prepare for my first waxing or laser appointment after lockdown?

1-2 days before your appointment trim hair length to a grain of rice. This is the ideal length for hair removal services but is most important for our most popular service, the Brazilian. *For laser appointments go ahead and shave 24 hours before.

24 to 48 hours before your wax or laser appointment, gently exfoliate with a mild scrub, a Merben brush, or loofah to remove dead skin cells that surround the hair follicle. Ensure you use upward motion - one direction - only! Exfoliating improves the ability of the wax to adhere to your hair which means a smoother (and less painful) result!

Cleanse + Moisturize. 
We recommend a pH Balanced Intimate Cleanser like this one for a delicate and soothing clean. And remember to hydrate – your body and your skin! Drink lots of water and apply moisturizer the area to help minimize discomfort and sensitivity.

Say “goodbye” To Pain. 
Purchase numbing cream like Zensa in any WAXON location or online prior to your appointment and apply approximately 30 minutes before. Its perfect if you are concerned about your sensitivity to pain.

Say “hello” To Your Custom Waxing Experience.
Remember, we provide a custom waxing experience specific to your skin and sensitivity needs. Our WAXON gold hard wax is designed to be gentle for the intimate areas, Lycon purple wax for the face, and WAXON Platinum for larger surfaces of the body.

Ok, this is all great but, what if your neighbourhood WAXON isn’t open yet?

Waxing At Home: What You Need To Know.
Two words: Please Don’t. Over the years many DIY waxers have shared countless stories of patchy hair, burnt skin, or that they just couldn’t bear the pain of at-home waxing. Simply put, you can wait. There are other options. Please, leave it to the pros.

Waxing Clients Should Avoid Shaving.
It’s tempting but the risks that accompany shaving are increased ingrowns, bumps, razor burn, and the common result that hair may become coarser (true story!) which may make your next waxing experience more uncomfortable than usual. So ask yourself, do you really need to shave?... But we get it, sometimes you just gotta. In this case, to ensure smooth shaving we recommend you use our Coconut Avocado Body Oil as a protective barrier and/or after to soothe any discomfort post shave.

Take A Little Off The Ends. 
The Lycon Trimmer is your best bet for an at home DIY tidy up trim. If your hair is on the longer side, we recommend soaking in a warm bath and adding some BARE Body Oil to envelop your body and soften the hairs – which will minimize any potential pinching or tugging. Pat the area dry then use a thin comb or unused mascara wand to push against the hair (opposite direction) and carefully trim the length of hair that sits above the comb. PRO TIP: the comb helps to ensure you don't get too close to the skin. And remember, to take your time, this is not something you want to rush...

Laser Clients Feel Free To Reach For The Razor.
Keep on shaving the areas you’re getting lasered as per usual. As soon as we can, we’ll have you back on track (and smoother than ever) with the help of our fabulous Laserologists!

Avoid over-tweezing. 
We know this is a tough one but, we’ve seen it all too many times where clients got a little too excited with their tweezers. If you feel you really need to get in there, we recommend to clean up just above the eyelid and a pinky finger width between the brows. Otherwise, Waxologists love to work with a grown-out brow to create and shape a beautifully fresh, sculpted brow. Also, bold brows are in so we say, let them grow babe!

So there you have it, the tips and tricks to ensure you are good-to-go whether you're at home or preparing to visit one of our WAXON locations. Stay safe, stay smooth, and we look forward to seeing you again soon :)

For full details on our health + safety procedures and how we're achieving the gold-standard in clean visit our FAQ page.

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