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Questions You May Be Too Shy To Ask Your Waxologist/Laserologist

October 07, 2020

To some, hair removal can be quite an intimate, or perhaps even an embarrassing process at some points. The reality is that Waxologists/Laserologists have seen and heard it all, but whether you’ve never been to a hair removal bar before or visit one frequently, there may be questions you’re too shy to ask your Waxologist/Laserologist. So we’ve put together a short list of frequently asked questions. Check them out below, and of course reach out to us if you have any other burning questions.  

Do I have to be completely naked during waxing or laser session? 

The answer to this question is no, but the amount of clothing you need to remove is dependent on the service you’re receiving. Keep in mind, some services require more skin to be showing than others. If you’re getting a Brow or Upper Lip service, the clothes should stay on. However, if you’re getting a Full Body or Below the Belt service, the story is a little different. For Below the Belt services, the bottoms need to come off, with the exception of a Classic Bikini or Speedo (bikini line) service. For those services, we recommend you wear something minimal that won’t get in the way (we also offer disposable panties for both men and women). If you’re feeling anxious, please remember that you’re in a safe place and our Waxologists/Laserologists have waxed and lasered thousands of clients and seen it all! 

Will I be judged if I haven’t removed my hair in a while (or ever) and am really hairy? 

Never! As always, no judgement, especially during COVID times! We believe no one should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed about their body hair, it’s natural, and we’re just here to help if/when you want to remove any unwanted hair. However, there are a lot of benefits to getting on a frequent waxing/laser schedule. Here are some tips to make your waxing or laser appointment smoother, pun intended. 

For waxing: in order to reduce the pain as well as your chance of getting ingrown hairs, the ideal hair length is ¼ inch (the length of a grain of rice) so we ask that if you’ve been living au naturel for a while, or until now, that you trim prior to your appointment so that the hair doesn’t pull when the wax is applied. We also recommend waxing every 4 to 6 weeks which will help reduce your hair growth over time and help to keep ingrown hairs at bay.  

For laser: we ask that you do a close shave, ideally the night before your appointment because the area being lasered should be sans hair for your appointment (and for anyone that missed this pre laser tip prior to their appointment, we have backup razors just in case). Your Laserologist with let you know the ideal frequency for your appointments which will help you get to your ultimate goal of hair-freedom faster. 

I have hemorrhoids, will I be judged if I get a Brazilian? 

Absolutely not! Our Waxologists/Laserologists have seen it all and will never judge you because of your body. Do not let a few pesky hemorrhoids get in the way of getting a service. Hemorrhoids are a super common issue, especially for women who have given birth. We assure you, our Waxologists/Laserologists are used to it, and you should feel absolutely no shame! However, if you’re nervous about getting a Brazilian with hemorrhoids, simply communicate your fears to your Waxologist/Laserologist, or opt to forgo between the cheeks this time around.  

Is it weird to get waxing or laser services if I’m a man? 

Not at ALL! A good portion of WAXON’s clientele is male and this number is only growing. Plenty of men have unwanted hair they wish to remove and we have a specific menu for men, with a full range of services from head to toe, including Below the Belt services (The Manzilian is one of our most popular male services). We created WAXON to be gender neutral specifically so men feel comfortable and welcome in our locations, so if you have some pesky hair you are thinking about removing, know you are in good hands at WAXON.  

Can I still get a Bikini or Brazilian service if I’m on my period? 

Definitely! It’s a common misconception that getting waxed or lasered on your period is a no-no. The reality is that our Waxologists/Laserologists couldn’t care less, it’s really a matter of personal preference. For some women, being on their period makes them ultra-sensitive, which in turn, can make waxing or laser more uncomfortable. For others, they don’t notice any increased sensitivity. Regardless of which camp you fall into, don’t hesitate to book an appointment while on your period if you'd like to do so. If necessary, take a pain reliever like Tylenol or opt for Zensa Numbing Cream to apply to the area before your service. And lastly, if you’re getting a Bikini or Brazilian service, please kindly tuck your tampon string away (if applicable). 

How long do I have to wait to have sex after getting a Below the Belt waxing or laser service? 

You’ve just had your Below the Belt service and you’re feeling particularly sexy. We get it! While many of you will probably want to flaunt your gorgeous self as soon as possible, we do recommend that you wait a minimum of 24 hours to have sex. This isn’t just for sex, it also applies to any activities that cause you to sweat, such as working out. The reason for this is, bacteria and sweat (either yours, a partner’s, or both), can make their way into your now hairless follicles and cause irritation, and no one wants that, right? So do yourself a favour and just wait a day before getting horizontal (or vertical, or whatever - we’re not judging).  


As you can see, there is nothing our team of professionals hasn’t dealt with before, so you can feel care-free while getting yourself hair-free at WAXON. Our mission is to help you Live Smoother by delivering the best experience possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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