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Waxing Doesn't Have To Be A Pain...

September 28, 2021

Did you know that waxing doesn’t have to hurt? Many people associate hair removal with pain, but at WAXON that couldn’t be further from the truth. We specialize in virtually pain-free waxing. How? Through the premium, exclusive to WAXON waxes we use and the fully customized services we offer our clients.

Our #1 goal is to make the waxing experience as comfortable, painless, (and dare we say fun?) as possible. Keep reading to discover a little more about WAXON state-of-the-art waxing products and techniques.

Specially-Formulated, All-Natural Waxes

First thing’s first, not all wax is created equal. That’s something many people learn the hard way. And it’s also why WAXON formulated our very own waxes in Spain. We wanted to know exactly what goes into the wax we use on our clients and to create waxes that offer the most superior, quick, and painless experience possible. We are proud to say that all WAXON waxes are made with natural ingredients, are allergen-free, and are designed to provide additional benefits to the skin (think: nourishment and hydration). Here is a rundown of all the different waxes available at WAXON:

  • WAXON GOLD WAX: Our specially-formulated Gold Wax is our go-to for below the belt services. It’s vegetarian, made with all-natural beeswax, and is infused with polymers, such as titanium dioxide, for the most painless wax possible.
  • LYCON LAVENDER HARD WAX – LYCOJET: Lycon Lavender Hard Wax is one of our gentler waxes. It’s also vegetarian and contains both lavender and chamomile owing to their soothing properties. For this reason, Lycon can be applied multiple times without irritation to the skin. It’s also incredible at removing the most stubborn hairs (even as short as 1 mm).
  • WAXON PLATINUM STRIP WAX: Finally, we’d like to introduce you to WAXON’s Platinum Strip Wax, our vegan, white cream wax that removes hair while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. How does it do this? This wax is formulated with coconut oil, vanilla, and titanium oxide, which means not only does it smell amazing but it’s also super nourishing.

At this point, you may be wondering why WAXON uses so many different types of wax. The answer to this question is because everybody’s hair and skin type are different, so we need to have several kinds of wax to cater to this. Our Waxologists will assess the area requiring hair removal at the start of your appointment and then explain which wax, or combination of waxes, will do the job in the most pain-free way.

The WAXON Way: Our 6-Step Process

One thing to know beforehand is that your WAXON appointment won’t be your typical wax service. We are a luxury waxing salon that always puts the client’s comfort first, which is evidenced by the elaborate 6-step process that guides every appointment:

  1. Refresh: Your certified Waxologist will cleanse the area being waxed with lycotane, to refresh the skin and remove any makeup or oil.
  2. Relax: Your Waxologist may use hard wax, strip wax, or a mix of both. If using hard wax, they will apply grapeseed oil to the hair to act as a protective barrier. If using strip wax, they will apply a small amount of body powder instead.
  3. Remove: Now’s the big moment! But with the prep that’s come before it, coupled with our exclusive WAXON waxes, we bet you’ll barely feel a thing.
  4. Relieve: Immediately after waxing, your Waxologist will apply more lycotane to disinfect the area and close the pores.
  5. Renew: Before you head out, your Waxologist will apply a cream or serum to help soothe any irritation or redness (hydrocortisone for facial waxing services and either Prince Reigns or Tea Tree Soothe for body waxing services).
  6. Revitalize: The last step is when our Waxologists will provide a few tips on how to keep things smooth and fresh. For example, for facial services, they may recommend makeup, such as foundation, that contains UV protection.

As you can see, WAXON is committed to providing our clients with the smoothest and most pain-free waxing experience possible. All of our Waxologists are certified aestheticians who have completed a rigorous, gold-level WAXON training program. They know which waxes to use and customize the wax to each individual's unique skin and hair type. From start to finish, the WAXON experience is friendly, thoughtful, and most importantly, as painless as it gets. Check out our Premium Services to live smoother.

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