"This place is the best thing to ever happy to anyone who waxes on the regular. If you’re in Toronto, go check it out!”

" Gracie Carroll from The Chic Canuck "

"They only hire the best professionals and adhere to the highest hygienic standards. Plus, they sell some great all-natural products for pre- and post-wax care.”

" Sabrina M. from NOW Magazine "

"This is a fun, easygoing place to get your wax on (pun intended) without worry and with a pretty decent price point too. Because of the simplicity of services offered, there’s no huge spa markup. They even have a “Wax to the Max” option where you can pre-pay for a year of unlimited removals.”

" Carolyn G. from Post City Toronto "

“What sets them apart is their uber-focused approach — waxing is all they do, and they've perfected the service. This concentration has allowed them to develop advanced techniques customized to each person’s needs.”

" Goodhood – Lifestyle Blog "

"The wax bars trendy, industrial-yet-sunny esthetic and its no-frills private rooms keep the focus on the task at hand — hair removal. A soothing spa soundtrack and aromatherapy is traded in for expert and expedited service.”

" Colleen C. of The Chronicle Herald "

"Waxon Waxbar focuses exclusively on waxing, but they've perfected the art. Their reasonable prices make it easy to remove any unwanted hair--from hands and fingers, to feet and toes--for both men and women, and they offer threading.” 

"Blog T.O "

"Sleek, chic and clean, this wax bar follows a five-step removal process using wax made of allergy-free natural ingredients — and a back door for the boys who want to enter privately."

" SavvyMom.com "

"I visited the PATH location for a leg wax, and was very happy with how fast and convenient the service was!”

" Amanda from Heartless Girl "

"As the name suggests, WAXON offers up hair removal for both Men and Women in a sleek and trendy salon. Offering waxing, tinting and threading services from brow to toe and everything in between (nips, anyone?) they’re here for all the hairy Haligonians.”

" The Coast "

"The products are refreshingly gender-neutral -- as is their grey/white/yellow decor and their entire service menu”

" Natalie M of Blog.TO "

"Best Waxer I’ve ever had in my life ...WAXON is the best place to wax without pain."

" Hussain A. "

"Great. Fast. Professional and the most painless Brazilian I've ever had."

" Julie L. "

"I think it's safe to say that this is probably the best place to have a Brazillian wax in Toronto. I've been to other waxing "bars" and day spas and I keep on coming back here because I am consistently impressed and satisfied with their customer service and actual wax job.”

" Monique Q. "

"I'm officially switching to WAXON. I’ve been to every spa in Halifax and nothing around stands up to this location. Thank you for coming to Halifax! My Waxologist was a rock star. I'll be back!”

" Nicole D. "

"I have tried many wax places and this by far was the best experience yet!!!”

" Jana S. "

"Love love love you guys!!!! Fast, convenient, friendly and professional. I really do recommend your services to everyone.”

" Wendy R "

"Always a great experience no matter which location I go to!”

" Emily P. "

"I love coming to WAXON the experience is amazing. They make me feel very comfortable and the service is excellent!”

" Natasha K "

"The girls at WAXON are amazing friendly and so down to earth and easy to talk to. I would recommend it to anyone who wants waxing services.”

" Sokh S. "

”The best waxing experience I've had. Thank you!”

" Deborah R "

“They really do a great job and are very considerate and professional. The prices are some of the best in the city, especially considering that they specialize in waxing. They use the best products available and are super super clean.”

" Sarah S. "

“This was my first time getting anything waxed and your staff made me feel comfortable and welcome and did a great job. I'll definitely be back.”

" Sarah C "

"Extremely professional, timely, and good at what they do. The whole team is wonderful. I would recommend WAXON Wax Bar to everyone.”

" Dolina M "

"I was more than satisfied and I can gladly say that I will be a returning customer!!!! I encourage everyone to give this waxing salon a try!! GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!!!”

" Sherika D. "

"The wax they use is amazing! I have been waxing for around five years and have had my fair share of good and bad waxing services. This place is one of the best. They are very professional, thorough and quick. Waxing is never painless, but this was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had. “

" Ayesha Z. "

"As my first time here and getting a wax, I felt very well cared for by all staff members who seemed to care a lot for my well being and happiness. I can't wait to return!”

" Charlotte W. "

"My therapist was fast, friendly, super knowledgeable and professional! The wax, honestly, didn't hurt that much! I couldn't believe it. Pricing is very affordable and reasonable. I will absolutely be going back!! So great there!! Loved it!!"

" Brooke B. "

“The best brow wax job I ever had. She followed my natural brow shape and tinted them to perfection. YES I FINALLY FOUND MY BROW MAMMA!!!”

" Heather W. "

"I had a fantastic waxing experience at this waxbar. The front staff was attentive, offered water when I arrived. The atmosphere was very nice:  clean, and fresh. My Waxologist did a great job on the Brazilian. Would highly recommend!"

" Suzanne Z. "

“Always feel great after services at Waxon. Thanks so much"

" Sue L. "

“My Waxologist was fantastic! A true professional! Best Brazilian I've had in this country. And I'm so happy that you have the Australian wax. I lived there for the past two years and it's great stuff!”

"Karen M. via Survey "

"I had amazing waxing experience today. It didn't hurt at all. I'm really pleased and I'm pretty sure I'll come back here as soon as possible. Girl at the front desk was pleasant and beautiful. Thank you girls. I'll recommend this place to my friends as well."

" Natty P. "

"It was virtually pain free and was super quick! I will definitely be back!!!”

" Farah J. "

"This is the best place I have ever gone to, the Waxologist always makes me feel comfortable and always does a great job! Love this place, ladies at the front are always polite and super nice as well. Thank you for the ongoing amazing service!”

" Lindsay D. "

"Quick and Efficient!! The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. Online bookings for appointments are wonderful!”

" Monique A. "

"I was quite nervous for my first Brazilian wax, but I loved the experience! My Waxologist made me feel extremely comfortable, like we had been friends for years. All of the girls were genuine, and the atmosphere was fresh and upbeat. I will be telling all of my friends! Thank you!“

" Karli S. "

"WAXON is clean clean clean and the prices are great! Cheaper for brows and bikini waxes than either of the other places I'd been going to.”

" Molly C. "

"I've already encouraged friends to check out WAXON! I love the specialized services and clean, modern atmosphere.”

" Alyssa G. "

"I always have an excellent experience at WAXON. Everyone is friendly, quick, and pleasant. I have referred friends and family and will continue to do so. Thanks for being so great!”

" Karen F. "

"The staff is so professional and very friendly... I would recommend your team in a heartbeat!!!”

" Diane G. "

"This was my first ever waxing service and it went great! I will definitely go back to Waxon in the future. “

" Jessica W. "

"Definitely the new go to. Booking online just makes life so much easier, and the "Bartabs" are great, pay for a couple the first time, and all your next ones book online, and walk in and out! Doooone!”

" S.N "

"The experience was more "let's get the job done and have fun." Everything is SUPER CLEAN and as a bonus, you get a mint at the end of it all! “

" Natalie T. "

"Most amazing eyebrow wax ever!!!!!!”

" Eugenia A. "

"WAXON technicians never double dip. The place is spotless and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.”

" Kim J. "

"Everyone who works there is amazing. I would honestly come just to hang out. Amazing service. "

" Megan C. "

"From the bright decor, to the branded water bottles, friendly staff, experienced waxers, and chocolate mint at the end, Waxon is top notch.”

" Michelle S. "

"The space is nice and modern, super clean and all staff are friendly. They also use hard wax - which I find way better for my sensitive skin.”

" Jenn S. "

"It smelt so clean and fresh inside. My Waxologist was easy to talk to, and very friendly. I could tell she has passion for her work. I can't wait to come back again!”

" Michelle I. "

“Will highly recommend WAXON for sure - love the colours/decor - makes me want to decorate my bathroom grey/yellow - thanks for a great experience - will definitely be back!”

" Tanya J. "