The Waxon WAXBAR Story

Confessions of a Waxer...

"What else is new, 4 weeks has flown by yet again and there is that telltale sign of a much needed wax. Of course I’ve forgotten to call my local Spa at least a week in advance to book my appointment, so there is no chance in %#%$ that I’m getting in there…and who has an hour and $70 to spend on a Brazilian wax appointment anyways?

Desperate to be bathing suit ready, I knew what I had to do…reaching into my closet for my incognito outfit and sunnies, that seemed to be used far more often than I’d care to admit, I headed to the less-than-desirable “express nail salon”.

The place where hopefully no one knows my name, although by now I can’t be so sure with the number of undercover missions I’ve been pulling lately. Praying not to see my BFF getting her bi-weekly shellac, I quietly request my Brazilian wax and briskly slip into the closet-sized room. As my Waxer closes the shower curtain that is used as a door, I try to go to my ‘happy place’, then suddenly it hit me…why can’t I have the best of both worlds? A high end, trendy environment with professional Waxologists, great prices, AND even accepts walk ins... Enter WAXON WAXBARTM."

- Lexi Miles, Founder