Laser + Waxbar FAQs




Yes, all of our hair removal specialists are certified aestheticians and must also graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before joining our team.

All of our Laserologists are certified medical aestheticians and must also graduate from our internal training program as well as complete Cynosure’s professional science & safety course, certified by a registered nurse.

Have no fear! At WAXON double-dipping is a HUGE no-no! We use one stick per dip and the stick is disposed after use.

Yes, and thanks for asking! We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our bars and the sanitization procedures we use.

Our Waxologists and Laserologists always wear gloves.

There is NO double-dipping!

After using tools and equipment we follow a 2-step process:



Each staff member has 2 sets of tools to ensure there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination - One set is disinfecting while the other set is being used in service. We have medical paper covering our tables that is changed after each Client. The table is also cleaned and disinfected after each Client.

We respectfully request that you call or email to cancel or reschedule at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time.

Late Cancellation - You are considered a late cancellation if:
1. You give less than 2 hours notice to move or cancel your appointment.
2. You don't show up for your appointment.
3. You arrive 7 minutes after your scheduled appointment time and there is no availability. 

After 2 late cancellations you will be subject to a 30% service charge.

FOR WAXING: Clients under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian for their first waxing appointment. The full name and signature of parent / legal guardian will be required. We will not perform waxing services on anyone under the age of 10, even with parental consent.

FOR LASER: Clients under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian for their first laser appointment. The full name and signature of parent / legal guardian will be required. We will not perform laser services on anyone under the age of 16, even with parental consent.

Product returns can be made within 30 days of purchase if you have your original receipt. Product must be unopened.

We ask that you fill out a release form so that you understand the risks and give your consent to receive our services, as well as to provide our Waxologists & Laserologists with your medical history so they can ensure there are no contraindications in providing your service.

No, these are for individual use only, however they also make for a great gift!

Only one client is allowed in a service room at a time. This is due to the size of the room and for client privacy. The only exception to this is if a parent or guardian is accompanied by a minor under the age of 12.

We welcome all babies and young children at WAXON! However, we do require all children under the age of 10 to be brought into the service room (For WAXING services only) with you during your services, otherwise all children left unattended at reception will be given a shot of espresso and a puppy :)

We unfortunately will not be able to perform services if your baby is attached to you in a baby carrier or swaddle. We do however, welcome your little one(s) to kick back in our service rooms comfortably in a stroller or car seat.

If you are getting laser services no other person including a baby or child is allowed in the room, this is due to the laser light being emitted from the machine.


Unfortunately not. Unlike waxing, laser hair removal requires the Laserologist and client to wear protective eyewear during the laser treatment, so best to leave your little one at home.


All of our Laserologists are certified medical aestheticians and must graduate from our internal training program as well as the completion of Cynosure’s professional course, certified by a registered nurse.


Most sessions are under 10 minutes. For larger body areas service times can increase to up to 15-20 minutes.


6 treatments to start is recommended for amazing results! And depending on your skin and hair type, additional treatments may be needed to ensure permanent hair reduction.


At WAXON we have the option of interest free financing - no it's not too good to be true! You have the option to pay for your laser bar tab in 6 or 12 months instalments using an external financing app. WAXON pays your interest!


Laser at WAXON makes for the most comfortable laser experience possible, with the speed of the technology combined with a cooling tip to minimize discomfort, you’ll be in and out before you know it! But if you're still concerned with the pain, come 30minutes before your appointment and purchase our Zensa numbing cream which numbs the area pre laser (or waxing!)


4-8 weeks depending on the area being lasered and your hair growth cycle.


No form of hair removal is 100% permanent, but laser is one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce hair growth permanently.


Most likely, yes! Forget what you’ve heard before - WAXON only uses the most cutting edge technology that works on ALL skin and most hair types!


At WAXON we use the top-of-the-line laser technology that works on the majority of hair and skin types. If you are unsure if laser hair removal is right for you or if you have any medical concerns, please call one of our locations to book a consultation and a member of our team will be happy to answer any of these concerns for you.


Laser is a more permanent form of removal and requires the use of the most cutting edge technology by our medically trained estheticians. Waxing is a more affordable short term option for hair removal but in the long run, monthly maintenance can add up to be equal to or more than a laser hair removal package. We also have interest free financing for clients who would rather pay it off 6 or 12 months.


It is possible that your eyes could be exposed to direct, reflected or scattered light from our laser machine. Wearing protective eyewear ensures the safest service possible.


Yes, absolutely! Our laser machine is known as the most safe and efficient machine available on the Canadian market with over 2000 machines sold and in use. Please see OUR LASER section above for more information on the technology we use.


You can not wax the area for a duration of 4 weeks prior to your laser appointment. You cannot wax during your laser course, you will need to shave during this time to make the hair coarser so the laser can remove the hair more effectively and permanently.

However, after you have finished your laser treatments, the hair can sometimes grow back sparsely and slowly over the years, and at that point we always recommend waxing for maintenance versus shaving to keep the hairs fine.


Yes, our Laserologists will work around the area.


Yes! Please ensure you let your laserologist know and wear a tampon with the string tucked in.

HOT TIP: We have Zensa numbing cream to minimize your discomfort.


It is a WAXON policy that we do not perform laser services while pregnant or nursing. During and months after pregnancy, your body goes through many hormonal changes which can affect your results and we want to ensure your safety during this time.


This is a localised contraindication, so you can get laser hair removal on other parts of your face and body, but not on the sore area. It’s best to wait until it has cleared so the infection doesn’t spread.


This is a personal choice. Diabetics can get laser hair removal, but there are some important side effects diabetics should know before proceeding with the treatment. For example, diabetics can feel more pain with laser hair removal due to sensitive nerves and tissues and are usually more susceptible to infections due to the slower healing response.


No - we recommend no UV exposure or self tanner for 7 days prior to laser services to maximize results.


Yes, you can still get laser but not on or around the tattoo. The Laserologist will avoid the tattoo by 2 inches, please make your Laserologist aware of any tattoos or permanent makeup you have.


Below the Belt Waxing

Our Waxologists are experts in both female and male waxing. Brazilians and Manzilians are our most requested services for a reason. Yes, men get waxed there too!

We have specifically trained Waxologists for these services and have 3 different types of wax to meet all your hair removal needs. Once you've waxed with us you will never look back! Our services are quick, efficient and virtually painless.

Everyone's pain tolerance is different but what makes WAXON waxes the BEST is they are considered virtually painless, as the wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin.

Plus, we offer Zensa numbing cream—the most effective on the market! Made in Canada, it includes 5% lidocaine and numbs for 1 - 2 hours. You can use it on the most sensitive of areas, even around the eyes! Zensa can also be purchased at any WAXON location. 

Your Waxologist will bring you into the wax room and have you undress while they prepare for your service. A wipe will be provided for you to freshen up before your wax, or you are welcome to use our restrooms prior to your service.

Your Waxologist will then follow our 6-step process REFRESH • RELAX • WAX • RELIEVE • RENEW •  REVITALIZE. We do our best to have you smooth and hair free within 20 minutes.

The Braziliant service removes all hair down there. The Modest Brazilian service removes all hair including between the cheeks but leaves a landing strip in the front.

We do provide disposable panties for both men and women upon request. Please note, we recommend not to wear these during your service if possible, as they increase service time because your Waxologist has to work around the panty. However we will leave the decision up to you!

Male Waxing

Yes, all of our Waxologists are certified estheticians and must graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before joining our team.

Of course! We have some Waxologists that are specifically trained in male waxing services and yes, that includes 'below the belt' grooming.

YES! The stereotype has been shattered and male grooming is no longer just for the metro-man. Once you manscape you'll never go back!

No, we only have female Waxologists.

I have... can I get waxed?

We avoid waxing over raised mole(s). We trim any hair coming from the area and wax around it, unless requested otherwise by you.

We recommend not waxing over prominent varicose veins because you risk exposing the vein, which can cause bleeding if it is close to the skin's surface. We will only wax over varicose veins if you request and understand the risks.

Yes, you can! We just want you to be aware that your skin is more sensitive when you are menstruating and your pain tolerance is lower. Just make sure you wear a tampon, tuck the string in and make your Waxologist aware.

HOT TIP: We have Zensa Numbing Cream to minimize your discomfort. Purchase it in-store 30 minutes before your appointment time, to numb the area prior to your appointment!

Yes, you can! Our waxes are designed for even the most sensitive skins, adhering only to the hair and not the skin. If you are unsure, come in and try a test strip to be sure our waxes are suitable for your skin.

Yes you can! Just let us know you are expecting when booking your appointment so we can allow extra time because your pain tolerance is lower.

HOT TIP: We have Zensa Numbing Cream to minimize your discomfort. Purchase it in-store 30 minutes before your appointment time, to numb the area prior to your appointment!

Yes, all of our Waxologists wear gloves and don't double dip so it is safe to work around it.

Yes, you can, but please put make us aware and know the risks involved.

When not to wax

You have a sunburn.

You have been or plan on being in the sun or tanning bed within 24 hours.

If you've recently had treatments such as: chemical peel, Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion or cosmetic injections.

You are currently taking acne medication such as:

Accutane (affects all body waxing), Retin-A (affects areas the cream is used on) or any other prescribed acne medication.

GOOD NEWS... after 6 months of completing your acne medication, your skin will be less sensitive and less prone to scarring and you will be able to wax again!

Consult your Doctor or Dermatologist about any other concerns.

Numbing Cream

They sure can! The only time we do not recommend Zensa is if you have a Lidocaine or Benzocaine allergy.

It contains 5% Lidocaine, the maximum allowance in Canada.

It is designed specifically for below the belt services. It needs to be applied thickly 30 minutes before your waxing service.

Waxing Maintenance

We typically recommend every 4 to 5 weeks, but hair growth varies from person to person. Depending on how fast your hair grows will determine when you will be ready for your next waxing session. Giving your hair time to grow gives the hairs the chance to break through the skin from exfoliation, be the same length and on the same growth schedule. The result is a clean, smooth finish after your next waxing session.

HOT TIP – Our revolutionary Platinum wax can remove hair as short as 1 - 2mm if you are in desperate need of an 'emergency' wax and need to break your 3 – 4 week routine.

We recommend you do not shave in between waxes because it affects the consistency of your hair growth. Shaving also cuts the hair on the surface causing more of a chance for ingrown hairs.

Wet the desired area then using a sponge, loofah, scrub, brush or glove, rub in the opposite direction of hair growth. This ensures you do not confuse the hair but instead slough off dead skin cells and allow for the hair to grow in free of confusion, decreasing the chance of ingrown hairs!

Try our loofah or body scrubs in delicious scents, exclusively made for waxing care!

We recommend exfoliating daily and applying our Ingrown Hair Serum.

We recommend you wait at least 24 hours before exfoliating because your pores have been opened when the hair was removed and your skin could still be sensitive.

An ingrown hair is where the hair spirals, curls or grows different directions under the skin. It normally appears as a red or white bump or sometimes just appears under the skin but sideways. Shaving is typically the leading cause of ingrown hairs as it cuts the hair at the surface of the skin but does not remove the root.

Other causes of ingrowns hairs are:

- When clothing rubs against the skin after a hair removal service.

- Clothing is too tight and rubbing against the skin on a normal basis.

- Irritation from a product.

To avoid or minimize ingrown hairs try WAXON's Ingrown Hair Serum.

You aren't the only one in this boat... red bumps post-waxing is totally normal.

When the hair is removed, it is being removed by the root and often times, the follicle can be so deep that it causes an initial shock, resulting in a red bump. The bumps shouldn't last more than 24 - 48 hours. If you find the bump is more than an initial irritation and continues, appearing more like a rash, contact us.

MAGIC! It is a nourishing serum that prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps while softening the hair follicle.

It also:

- Revives and smoothes skin by removing dead flakes from skins surface.

- Controls excess oil, lessening chance of pore clogging.

- Won't cause acne or blackheads

- Contains exfoliating acids which lightens dark spots resulting in an even skin tone

Lash Lift

Yes, all of our Waxologists are certified estheticians and must graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before performing Lash Lifts.

Using lash lifting technology this service is designed to give you longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. It will give the appearance similar to using an eyelash curler, but it lasts for 6 to 8 weeks!  The service takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Depending on the length and quality of your natural lashes, the lift can last for 6 to 8 weeks.

Please arrive to your appointment completely free of all eye makeup! If you wear contacts, they must be removed. 

Immediately after the service you are not to get the lashes wet or apply eye makeup for 24 hours - no saunas, steam rooms or rubbing the lashes. You may use a wash cloth or wipe gently around the eye area during this time.

Yes, and is encouraged! Whether you have light or dark lashes, getting a tint will give the appearance of longer fuller lashes!

Lash extensions and lash lifts are different. Lash extensions add false lashes giving a fuller thicker appearance. Lash lifts work with what you already have! We lengthen and curl your natural lashes, making your lashes appear fuller and longer.

Yes! It is recommended to refrain from using waterproof mascara during the course of your lash lift.

No, if you follow the pre and post care! The lifting solutions are applied to the base of the lash and up a bit. It is never applied to the entire lash, which could cause damage. We would however reccomend to wait 8 weeks between treatments. 

No, not at all, in fact a lot of clients find it to be a very relaxing service!

Yes, in fact, we encourage the use of a lash enhancing serum to strengthen, lengthen and provide the most dramatic results!

No. Please make sure the eye area is completely healed before receiving a Lash Lift.

No. You need to wait approximately 6 months before receiving this service. Please consult with your physician.

No. You will need to wait approximately 1 year before receiving this service. Please consult with your physician.

Those with chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, damaged lashes or lashes with gaps, active eye infections of any kind, trichotillomania, watery eyes and recent chemotherapy treatments are not good candidates to getting a lash lift. Please consult with your physician.


Tinting is the process of adding a dye to your eyelashes or brows, giving you weeks of colour where you need minimal mascara or brow fill! Tinting naturally adds definition and a fuller appearance. 

Yes. All of our Waxologists are certified estheticians and must graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before performing tinting services. The dye that we use is designed for the eye area, making it completely safe to use.

The tint we use is a vegetable dye, made for the sensitive eye area. It is not like regular hair dye!

Absolutely! There are various colors and our Waxologists will make sure to create your desired look.

There is a chance that your eyes will sting slightly or that the skin near your lashes will become a slightly irritated. We make sure to flush your eyes out with cold water to ease any discomfort.

3-6 weeks. Making this a fabulous option for special occasions, vacations or a low maintenance alternative!

If you have light hair to begin with you’ll see the most notable difference. With dark hair, they will appear more fuller and longer than usual, since most of our hairs are lighter towards the tips.

Yes, you can resume wearing eye makeup but recommended to gently cleanse the eye area when removing and avoid overly exfoliating products which could break down the colour faster.

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