Confessions of a Waxer...

"What else is new, 4 weeks has flown by yet again and there is that telltale sign of a much needed wax. Of course I’ve forgotten to call my local Spa at least a week in advance to book my appointment, so there is no chance that I’m getting in there…and who has an hour and $70 to spend on a Brazilian wax appointment anyways?

Desperate to be bathing suit ready, I knew what I had to do…reaching into my closet for my incognito outfit and sunnies, that seemed to be used far more often than I'd care to admit, I headed to the less-than-desirable "express nail salon".

The place where hopefully no one knows my name, although by now I can’t be so sure with the number of undercover missions I’ve been pulling lately. Praying not to see my BFF getting her bi-weekly shellac, I quietly request my Brazilian wax and briskly slip into the closet-sized room. As my Waxer closes the shower curtain that is used as a door, I try to go to my 'happy place', then suddenly it hit me…why can’t I have the best of both worlds? A high end, trendy environment with professional Waxologists, great prices, AND even accepts walk ins... Enter WAXON WAXBAR."

It's your time to Live smoother.

- Lexi Miles, Founder & CEO

Lexi Miles Founder & CEO WAXON Waxbar
Lexi Miles Founder & CEO WAXON Waxbar




At WAXON we understand that everyone's hair and skin type is different, so we use wax that will provide you with the most efficient, comfortable waxing experience, creating flawless results every time. Our Waxologists use a combination of both hard and soft waxes to meet your unique hair removal needs.

All of our waxes are made with natural ingredients and are designed to provide benefits to your skin and are allergy friendly! Some people find that additives in certain wax can cause them to have allergic reactions. Our waxes are made with natural ingredients, however, if you are still concerned, we are happy to give you a free test strip to be sure!

Exclusive to WAXON, we created our Gold wax to ensure a more painless, flawless waxing experience. The hard wax is specially formulated for below the belt services and the ingredients are designed to reduce redness and discomfort to make for a less painful wax experience with more flawless results. Gold has two main ingredients that most other hard waxes lack - titanium dioxide (soothes skin during waxing and reduces redness afterwards) and mica (increases the wax's ability to grip hair resulting in more flawless results). This allows our Waxologists to achieve a faster wax service (15 min vs. 30 min anywhere else) with less discomfort. Not convinced, you need to try it for yourself to believe it!
Our 100% vegan LYCON white cream wax has traveled all the way from the 'land down under' and consists of quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Titanium Dioxide. LYCOTEC is used on larger areas of the body and because of its carefully selected ingredients it helps moisturize and nourish your skin while you're getting waxed! It can remove hair as short as 2mm and adheres to even the finest of hairs but not your skin. You can expect a virtually painless experience as well as minimal redness and irritation with LYCOTEC.
LYCOJET the Super Hero Stripless Wax is applied at a low temperature, shrink-wraps around the hairs and removes even stubborn hairs as short as 1mm! LYCOJET can be re-applied multiple times on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation. This stripless hot wax is used mainly for facial waxing but also 'works well with others' when used in combination with our hard and/or strip wax. The result with LYCOJET is smoother, hair free skin for longer… LYCOJET eliminates the need to tweeze!




The secret to the perfect WAXON Wax Experience lies in our technique. At WAXON Waxbar, we are passionate about perfecting our craft.

Our Waxologists prep and replenish the skin both pre and post waxing to encourage healthy skin and hair growth using our 5 step process:

Refresh, Relax, Remove, Relieve, Renew

Our WAXON Team takes pride in making our mission a reality... for you to receive the best wax every time! That's why our experienced Waxologists are always on top of the hottest waxing techniques, products, and trends in the industry. We know wax, cause it's all we do!



Providing our clients with the best wax experience, everytime!

WAXON WAXBAR brings a high-design approach to the Male and Female waxing experience. Our state-of-the-art waxing techniques are efficient, clean, and custom to each person's needs... our rates are reasonable, too. So make a waxing appointment or just walk in and start living smoother!



"A new take on an old technique"

At WAXON we focus on one thing and do it really, really well! For us, that’s waxing. WAXON offers the most efficient, competitively priced, unique waxing experience in Canada.

In an effort to revolutionize the waxing industry, we will ensure that your wax services are as comfortable, quick, and enjoyable as possible. How do we do it? Through our team of dedicated waxing professionals, our chic, urban environment, and prices that still let you save for your latest must-have. Get ready cause this is one bar you won't forget!




Are your Waxologists certified?

Yes, all of our Waxologists are certified Estheticians and must graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before joining our team.

What's your dipping policy?

Have no fear! At WAXON double dipping is a HUGE no-no! We use one stick per dip and the stick is disposed after each use.

Does your Waxbar meet health standards?

Yes, and thanks for asking! We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our waxbar and the sanitization procedures we use.

Our Waxologists always wear gloves.

There is NO double dipping!

After using tools and equipment we follow a 2-step process:



Each staff member has 2 sets of tools to ensure there is absolutely no chance of cross contamination - One set is disinfecting while the other set is being used.

We have medical paper covering our wax tables that is changed after each Client. The bed is also cleaned and disinfected after each Client.

What's your Late Policy?

We understand that the unexpected can occur, so we allow a 7 minute grace period. After 7 minutes, if your Waxologists timing can't accommodate your scheduled services you will be considered a 'No Show.'

What's your Cancellation Policy?

We respectfully ask that you call to cancel or reschedule at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

What's your No Show Policy?

We understand that things come up unexpectedly so to be fair, we give you 3 strikes! After 3 strikes you are able to:

Walk-in for an appointment

Give us your credit card number to put on file for future bookings

What's WAXON's Age Policy?

Anyone under the age of 16, must have their parent/guardian sign our 'New Client Form' to approve their waxing services. This form will be kept on file for all future appointments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child and waxing please don't hesitate to contact us.

*We will not wax anyone under the age of 10.

What's your Return Policy?

Product returns can be made within 30 days of purchase if you have your original receipt. Product must be unopened.

Why do I have to fill out a release form?

We ask that you fill out a release form so that you understand the risks and give your consent to receive our services.

Can I share my Bar Tab or Wax to the Max?

No, these are for individual use only, however they also make for a great gift!

What is your Multiple Clients per room policy?

Only one Client is allowed in a Waxroom at a time. This is due to the size of the room and for client privacy. The only exception to this is if a parent or guardian is accompanied by a minor under the age of 12.

Can I bring my baby/children with me to get waxed?

We welcome all babies and young children at WAXON! However, we do require all children under the age of 10 to be brought into the wax room with you during your services, otherwise all children left unattended at reception will be given a shot of espresso and a puppy :)

We unfortunately, will not be able to perform services if your baby is attached to you in a baby carrier or swaddle. We do however, welcome your little one(s) to kick back in our wax rooms comfortably in a stroller or car seat.

Brazilian/Manzilian what's all the hype about?

Our Waxologists are experts in both female and male waxing. Brazilians and Manzilians are our most requested services for a reason.

We have specifically trained Waxologists for these services and have 3 different types of wax to meet all your hair removal needs. Once you've waxed with us you will never look back! Our services are quick, efficient and virtually painless.

So Guys and Gals come see why WAXON was voted the #1 Waxbar in Toronto!

I'm nervous to get a Brazilian/Manzilian wax does it hurt?

Everyone's pain tolerance is different but what makes WAXON waxes the BEST is they are considered virtually painless, as the wax adheres only to the hair and not the skin.

What can I expect during a Brazilian/Manzilian wax?

Your Waxologist will bring you into the wax room and have you undress while they prepare for your service. A wipe will be provided for you to freshen up before your wax, or you are welcome to use our restrooms prior to your service.

Your Waxologist will then follow our 5 step process REFRESH • RELAX • WAX • RELIEVE • RENEW. We do our best to have you smooth and hair free within 20 minutes.

What is the difference between a Braziliant and a Modest Brazilian wax?

During The Braziliant service all hair is removed. During The Modest Brazilian service a landing strip is left in the front.

It's my first bikini wax and I'm uncomfortable 'baring it all' do you provide disposable panties?

We do provide disposable panties for both men and women upon request. Please note, we recommend not to wear these during your service if possible, as they increase service time because your Waxologist has to work around the panty.

Are your Waxologists certified?

Yes, all of our Waxologists are certified Estheticians and must graduate from our internal WAXON Training Program before joining our team.

Do you specialize in male waxing?

Of course! We have some Waxologists that are specifically trained in male waxing services and yes, that includes 'below the belt' grooming.

Is male waxing common?

YES! The stereotype has been shattered and male grooming is no longer just for the metro-man. Once you manscape you'll never go back!

Do you have male and female Waxologists?

No, we only have female Waxologists.

I have a mole can I still get waxed?

We avoid waxing over raised mole(s). We trim any hair coming from the area and wax around it, unless requested otherwise by you.

I have varicose veins can I still get waxed?

We recommend not waxing over prominent varicose veins because you risk exposing the vein, which can cause bleeding if it is close to the skin's surface. We will only wax over varicose veins if you request and understand the risks.

I have my period can I still get waxed?

Yes, you can! We just want you to be aware that your skin is more sensitive when you are menstruating and your pain tolerance is lower. Just make sure you wear a tampon, tuck the string in and make your Waxologist aware.

HOT TIP: We have BareEase & Cream numbing cream to minimize your discomfort.

I have sensitive skin can I still get waxed?

Yes, you can! Our waxes are designed for even the most sensitive skins, adhering only to the hair and not the skin. If you are unsure, come in and try a test strip to be sure our waxes are suitable for your skin.

I have a baby on the way can I still get waxed?

Yes you can! Just let us know you are expecting when booking your appointment so we can allow extra time because your pain tolerance is lower.

HOT TIP: We have BareEase & Cream numbing cream to minimize your discomfort.

I have a cold sore on my lip can I still get waxed?

Yes, all of our Waxologists wear gloves and don't double dip so it is safe to work around it.

I have diabetes can I still get waxed?

Yes, you can, but please put make us aware and know the risks involved.

We do not recommend waxing IF...

You have a sunburn.

You have been or plan on being in the sun or tanning bed within 24 hours.

If you've recently had treatments such as: chemical peel, Dermabrasion, Microdermabrasion or cosmetic injections.

You are currently taking acne medication such as:

Accutane (affects all body waxing), Retin-A (affects areas the cream is used on) or any other prescribed acne medication.

GOOD NEWS... after 6 months of completing your acne medication, your skin will be less sensitive and less prone to scarring and you will be able to wax again!

Consult your Doctor or Dermatologist about any other concerns.

Why choose waxing over other hair removal services?

Results last longer than shaving.

Less chance of getting ingrown hairs or rashes.

Lower cost than laser hair removal.

It is suitable for almost all skin and hair types; whereas with laser the color of your hair matters for the effectiveness as well as the type of laser they use.

Waxing has less of a chance of permanently burning the skin like laser hair removal can.

Although sugaring is all natural, it doesn't remove all of the fine, vellus hairs like waxing can so you are often left with a less than flawless result.

Chemical depilatories such as Veet and Nair do not remove the hair from the root causing faster regrowth. They also can cause the skin to become irritated and sensitive.

Does waxing remove hair permanently?

No, it is a semi-permanent form of hair removal. No form of hair removal is permanent. Even with laser hair removal the hair has the potential to grow back. However, one of the greatest benefits of waxing regularly is that the hair starts to grow back thinner and at a slower rate!

Why can't I wax and do laser hair removal?

Waxing will lessen the effectiveness of laser hair removal because the laser needs to target the root of the hair, and waxing removes the hair from the root.

Can I wax if I have done laser hair removal before?

We will welcome you back into the world of waxing with open arms! However, you must wait at least 2 – 3 weeks after your last laser hair removal session because the skin can still be quite sensitive from the laser treatment.

Can any skin type use BareEASE or Numb Nuts?

They sure can! The only time we do not recommend BareEASE or Numb Nuts is if you have a Lidocaine or Benzocaine allergy.

Whats the numbing ingredient in BareEASE and Numb Nuts?

They each contain 4% Lidocaine

How do I use BareEASE / Numb Nuts?
It is designed specifically for below the belt services. It needs to be applied thickly 30 minutes before your waxing service.

Gals, our BareEASE kits come with a pink disposable latex panty.

How long does my hair have to be to be waxed?

We typically recommend every 3 to 4 weeks, but hair growth varies from person to person. Depending on how fast your hair grows will determine when you will be ready for your next waxing session. Giving your hair time to grow gives the hairs the chance to break through the skin from exfoliation, be the same length and on the same growth schedule. The result is a clean, smooth finish after your next waxing session.

HOT TIP – Our revolutionary Lycon waxes can remove hair as short as 1 - 2mm if you are in desperate need of an 'emergency' wax and need to break your 3 – 4 week routine.

Can I shave in between waxes?

We recommend you do not shave in between waxes because it affects the consistency of your hair growth. Shaving also cuts the hair on the surface causing more of a chance for ingrown hairs.

How do I exfoliate?

Wet the desired area then using a sponge, loofah, scrub, brush or glove, rub in the opposite direction of hair growth. This ensures you do not confuse the hair but instead slough off dead skin cells and allow for the hair to grow in free of confusion, decreasing the chance of ingrown hairs!

Try our On the Rocks Body Scrub and Loofah Scrubs!

How long do I have to wait to exfoliate after waxing?

We recommend you wait 24 hours before exfoliating because your pores have been opened when the hair was removed and your skin could still be sensitive.

What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is where the hair spirals, curls or grows different directions under the skin. It normally appears as a red or white bump or sometimes just appears under the skin but sideways. Shaving is typically the leading cause of ingrown hairs as it cuts the hair at the surface of the skin but does not remove the root.

Other causes of ingrowns hairs are:

When clothing rubs against the skin after a hair removal service.

Clothing is too tight and rubbing against the skin on a normal basis.

Irritation from a product.

To avoid or minimize ingrown hairs try Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum.

How do I get rid of ingrown hairs?

We recommend exfoliating daily and applying our Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum.

When I wax I get red bumps, is this normal?

You aren't the only one in this boat... red bumps post-waxing is totally normal.

When the hair is removed, it is being removed by the root and often times, the follicle can be so deep that it causes an initial shock, resulting in a red bump. The bumps shouldn't last more than 24 - 48 hours. If you find the bump is more than an initial irritation and continues, appearing more like a rash, contact us.

What is Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum?

MAGIC! It is a nourishing serum that prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps while softening the hair follicle.

It also:

Revives and smoothes skin by removing dead flakes from skins surface.

Controls excess oil, lessening chance of pore clogging.

Won't cause acne or blackheads

Contains glycolic acids which lightens dark spots resulting in an even skin tone

Purchase Prince Reigns Ingrown Hair Serum