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Can CBD products help reduce period pain and anxiety?

October 04, 2019

CBD might help reduce period pain and anxiety, but finding CBD wellness products in Ontario proves to be a challenge. 

On October 17, 2018, Canada opened the floodgate to an underground industry that had been dominating the marketplace behind closed doors for years. We’re coming up on oneyear of decriminalized cannabis in Canada, and things look a little more well, relaxed now. It’s a new time for the old herb, and the wellness community is on board for ride. Do you remember when Kale was inescapable? When the magic of turmeric took over your favourite juice bar? As we’ve all experienced, the wellness community is always on the search for the next best cure all; the natural salve for all human ailment. It’s quite the pedestal to be put on. And now they have a new darling: Cannabidiol, or CBD.  

CBD is a component of cannabis that does notproduce a high or intoxicationunlike its more widely known cousin, THC.To put its popularity into perspective, Whoopie Goldberg has her own line of cannabis products in the US. Yeah, your favourite lady from comedy smash hits such as Sister Act and Sister Act 2 is out there on The View talking about CBD.This is the world we live in now.  

So, what can CBD do for you? Some studies have shown CBD to have anti-inflammatory properties, so it could work well when trying to combat your worst enemy: period pain. According to the studies, CBD selectively inhibits the enzyme responsible for producing the inflammatory chemicals that run rampant during your period. CBD could also target nerve receptors that can help decrease pain, as well as relax muscle contractions. So it’s basically a god send for those prone to painful periods. There is also anecdotal evidence ofCBD being used to combat anxiety,although clinical studies and scientific evidence to support to the claims are insufficient. Using CBD for anxiety and/or pain management sounds like a dream come true. But in Canada, despite the decimalization of cannabis, finding CBD products is much easier said than done. 

While CBD might deserve the praise and interest it is getting online from the wellness community, Canada isn’t exactly opening the doors for this CBD products. While decriminalization of cannabis has helped to de-stigmatize the use of cannabis products, it has also produced a purchasing landscape that can be confusing to say the least. In researching this post,I came acrosscountless online retailer for CBD products – lotions for muscle tension, balms for arthritis, depositories for period pain. Almost all were in the USA, and none shipped to Canada. The Ontario Cannabis Shop (OSC) is the only legal online retailer in Ontario, but that doesn’t stop shops from trying to convince consumers their websites are safe and legal; accepting e-transfers only is a pretty big red flag, but one that takes some digital literacy to pick up on. Legal dispensaries also exist in Ontario, brick-and-mortar stores that sell Ontario Cannabis Shop products, but these too can be confusing.Mostly focused in downtown Toronto, once you get to one ofthese store fronts, the CBD product selection is quite small;like the OCS, CBD is only sold in oil form or in pre-rolled CBD only joints.  

Of course,if you still want to get the benefits of CBD products, buying CBD oil from the Ontario Cannabis Shop online or in store is still an option for you. The packaging might be a little more sterile than those sold in the US or by illegal retailers, but at least you know what you’re getting – and the quality really does matter at the end of the day.You can use CBD oil topically by mixing the recommended dose with lotion or a carrier oil (such as coconut) and applying it directly onto the skin (for period pain, try the abdomen or lower back, but steer clear of applying to any sensitive skin). You can also take CBD oil directly under the tongue to absorb without ingesting.  

More research is needed on how CBD affects pain and anxiety, butanecdotalevidence is strong.So if you’re interested in trying out this natural remedy, stop by your local legal dispensary in Toronto or pop online to the Ontario Cannabis Storeto check out what options are available to you. Just don’t go into it expecting to find a lavender scented body balm to moisturize and relieve pain, or you might be sorely disappointed.  

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