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How long does a Brazilian wax last?

One of the most common questions we hear from guests new to waxing: How long can I expect my Brazilian or Bikini wax to last?

Overall, you can expect your wax to last you around 3 – 4 weeks before you need to rebook in again. That being said, there are some factors that influence your hair growth and timing to book back in.

Hair growth is personal

Not unsurprisingly, hair growth and hair thickness are very much down to your body! For a lot of individuals hair begins to grow back after 2 weeks, while others may be around the 3 week mark. All of these are normal hair growth behaviours, it is more about monitoring your own hair after the wax to see what your regrowth rate is. Your hair will need to be about ¼ inch/the length of a grain of rice in order to get a smooth hair removal.

The results of waxing get better the more you do it

That’s right. The more you stay on a regular wax schedule, the better the results. Over time, waxing actually makes hair become thinner! As waxing essentially damages the hair follicle, hair growth is slowed down and visible changes can be seen after as little as your first two appointments. Fundamentally, a regular Brazilian or Bikini wax should provide you with an overall decline in both the growth and thickness of your hair – a major reason to stay on top of your waxing schedule!

How can I prolong the results of my Brazilian or Bikini wax?

Pre- and post-wax care are fundamental steps in the waxing process. Pre-wax care ensures your skin and hair are prepped and ready, while post-wax care prevents ingrown hairs and keeps your skin glowy and smooth.

Pre-Wax Care

The night before your appointment, we recommend using a gentle scrub or exfoliating mitt to buff away any dead skin cells. Once your skin is dry, follow up with a gentle moisturiser or body oil to keep your skin hydrated and healthy for the wax. Please also wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

Post-Wax Care

After your Brazilian or Bikini waxing, wait at least 24 hours before exfoliating, bathing, exercising and sex. This allows your skin to recover from the wax and allow any pores to close that may have opened. After this, we recommended exfoliating regularly using a mitt or one of our loofa soaps (they smell delicious!), and then follow up our AHA Ingrown Hair Serum and finishing with a nourishing body oil or moisturiser.

It may be tempting to shave in between waxing appointments, but it will undo all the work you’ve already put in. We encourage all of guests to avoid doing this as much as possible so you can continue uninterrupted on your smooth journey!

Wax on the regular

There are factors that influence hair growth on an individual level, but overall you will find that regular waxing paired with a pre- and post-wax care ritual enhances your Brazilian and Bikini wax results, including reducing hair thickness and growth.

We also have a couple of options to help you stay on track (and save some money!).

Waxing Tip: When you wax regularly the discomfort decreases

We felt we wanted to call this little gem of information out while we’re discussing hair growth rates and waxing schedules. As we mentioned above, staying on top of your waxing appointments benefits you in the way of slowing hair growth. As an additional bonus, the slowed hair growth also means the hair root doesn’t get too large or too deep. When the root of the hair is allowed to grow for too long, the pain will be more noticeable when your hair is waxed as it sits beneath the skin – the process of pulling out a larger root is a contributor to some unnecessary discomfort!


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Of course, our waxologists are always here to help you during and after your appointment with any questions or concerns you may have – never be afraid to ask us!