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Rosé Every Day

April 06, 2021

Fact: rose water has been used as a beauty tool since the 7th century. Is this news to you? Well, today we’re celebrating this superstar skincare ingredient that has definitely stood the test of time. Inexpensive, sweet smelling, and extremely versatile, rose water is the secret weapon we love so much that we put it in (almost) everything we make!

Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Rose Water

  1. It reduces redness. First, rose water is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which means it works wonders at calming the skin, reducing redness and inflammation along the way.
  2. It balances the skin’s natural oils. Rose water is known for its ability to regulate the production of your skin’s natural oil (sebum). So if you suffer from an oily complexion, rose water can help.
  3. It contains antioxidants. Rose water is chock full of antioxidants. And what do antioxidants do? Well, a number of things but primarily they promote collagen production and help fight off free radicals (suspect #1 for aging skin). Thus, a dab of rose water works to tighten and plump the skin while simultaneously minimizing and preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles.
  4. It hydrates the skin. Water is literally in the name so yes, you can expect rose water to provide a major boost of hydration to your skin.
  5. It’s a natural astringent. Lastly, rose water is an astringent (a fancy word for toner). This means that not only does it cleanse your skin, but it also works to unclog pores, minimize the size of pores, and balance your skin’s pH, leaving you with a tighter, firmer complexion.
  6. Bonus: It smells amazing. Who wouldn’t want to walk around smelling like a rose garden?

Our Favourite Ways to Use Rose Water

  • As a toner: Try swapping your expensive toner for a bottle of rose water - we dare you to notice a difference.
  • As a hydrating mist: Sit back, relax, and spritz yourself (it’ll get addicting, trust us).
  • As a way of upgrading your bath: Add a few drops to any bath and you’ll be in rosé heaven.
  • As a way of soothing razor burn: As a mild astringent and antibacterial, rose water doubles as a solution for calming everything from razor burns to sun burns.
  • As a way of boosting your face/eye mask: Give your face and eye masks a major upgrade by adding a couple drops of rose water to your fave mask before application.
  • As a natural fragrance: Need we say more?

We Love It So Much We Put It In (Almost) Everything We Make

Our obsession with rose water truly knows no limits. We wanted to create hydrating, soothing, and beautifully fragranced products so naturally, we turned to Rose Water for a few (ok, A LOT) of WAXON and South’s cleansing and body products:

*Fun Fact: Our WAXON + South products contain only clean ingredients (rose water being one of them), so you’ll notice they are all free from parabens, SLS, and all those other toxic chemicals you want nowhere near your face, body, or intimate parts.

The moral of the story? Drop everything and add rose water to your skincare routine ASAP. We did and have been reaping the magical floral elixir’s benefits ever since. 

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