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We Go There. By Waxon

A Safe Space for You and Your Vagina

Solo Sex: The Art of Female Masturbation

April 02, 2020

Solo Sex:  The Art of Female Masturbation 

Let’s be honest, it’s insane that female masturbation is still considered a taboo topic, even among women. We’re made to feel it’s shameful or embarrassing if we masturbate at all, let alone if we actually enjoy it enough to want to talk about it with our friends. But at WE GO THERE, we want to break down the stigma surrounding female self-pleasure, because the truth of the matter is, masturbating is one of the healthiest sexual activities a woman can engage in. It also happens to have some pretty incredible benefits. From spicing up your sex life to relieving stress, self-pleasure truly is an art form - one that can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. Keep reading as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about female masturbation. 

Will masturbating affect my sex life? 

First thing’s first, we need to debunk the myth that masturbation is harmful to your health. Repeat after us: Masturbation. Is. Healthy. There’s nothing more to it than that. It is a healthy sexual activity that yes, has the power to affect your sex life, but almost always for the better! Studies have shown that masturbating can actually increase a woman’s libido. It is believed that in many instances, the more a woman stimulates herself, the more she will want to be stimulated. So, if you’re suffering from a stagnant sex drive, masturbation can be the thing that reignites it. Further, by engaging in self-pleasure more frequently, women may not only experience a heightened desire to have sex, but they may also have better sex. That’s right, masturbation doesn’t just affect the quantity of sex you’ll want to have, but also the quality of the sex you do have. By exploring what gets you off in private, you’ll gain new awareness regarding your own sexual likes and dislikes and can convey this to your partner.  

How much is too much when it comes to masturbation? 

Lucky for you, there really is no such thing! Studies have found that women have solo sex an average of two times per week. But there’s really no need to listen to statistics here because every woman is different. Whether you take some “me time” a few times a month or on the daily, it’s all good. 

Do I need a vibrator for my solo mission? 

The short answer: absolutely not! Not into vibrators, dildos, and the like? No problem! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using what god gave you (AKA your fingers) to indulge in a little self-pleasure. However, if you are interested in venturing into the world of sex toys, rest assured that there really is something to suit everyone. Nowadays, you’d be amazed by the different kinds of sex toys on the market. Within the vibrator category alone, you have rabbit vibrators, wands, and finger vibes, to name a few. There is even a new type of sex toy that gets you off by emitting sonic waves which send pulses through your vagina (rumour has it, they reach new depths of the clitoris and can have you orgasming in seconds!).  

What position is best for reaching orgasm? 

Again, all women are different. What’s “best” for one woman isn’t going to be the same for another. Popular positions include sitting, lying down on your back, or lying down on your stomach. But don’t feel limited! Sit, squat, stand, lie in whatever position is most comfortable and will get you where you need to go! 

Can masturbating improve my mental health? 

YES! One of our favourite things about masturbation (aside from the fact that it feels amazing AF), is that it can positively impact your mental health. For instance, did you know that masturbating can reduce stress and boost your mood? How self-pleasure works to do this is two-prong. First, having an orgasm requires concentration. If you think of all the earth-shattering orgasms you’ve had in your life, you’ll probably realize that you were in such a state of bliss, your brain wasn’t even capable of forming actual thoughts. This is a huge plus, as it allows you to (temporarily) forget about that upcoming presentation at work or that fight you had with your sister. Beyond simply taking your mind off of daily life, having an orgasm also releases endorphins, which bring about positive feelings. In essence, masturbation has the power to not only reduce stress but put you in a happier mood.   

Above all, we hope this Q&A session will encourage women to speak more openly about self-pleasure with their friends or partners. After all, masturbating is an extremely empowering act, and the more we talk about it, the more liberated we will feel (and hopefully, the more orgasms we will have!), so go on, enjoy that solo mission!  


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