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Vibrators. A Real Conversation Piece.

February 09, 2021

Women talk about everything… except vibrators - let alone discuss which ones to try. Why is that? It’s funny, as soon as someone mentions the topic you can almost hear the unanimous squeals of excitement because lets face it ladies, we love sharing ideas and experiences but, maybe we’ve just never thought of vibrators as a conversation piece? Well, not anymore.

We love vibrators. We really do. They are an empowering, exciting, and educational component of self-care and sex-wellness and we think now is a great time to explore your own body through the wonderful world of vibrators. Finally, a lockdown project to get excited about.

Whether you’re new to the idea of vibrators or you’ve got an extensive collection in “the drawer”, read on for our fave benefits and our top three solo-play partners.

Here’s Why We’re Feeling The Vibe…

So, you’re probably thinking that a vibrator is all about unlocking female pleasure, and you’re absolutely right. However, research has also shown that vibing on the regular has several other seriously awesome mental, physical, and sexual health benefits.

Sleep Better
Having an orgasm before bed has been proven to lead to a sounder, better quality sleep thanks to a sleep-inducing hormone called prolactin that the body produces during climax.

Boost Your Mood
Two other hormones your body produces when you orgasm are oxytocin and serotonin - the feel-good hormones linked to happiness. So, if you’re feeling a little blah, looking to boost your mood, or de-stress, go on and reach for your trusty vibrator.

It’s Good For Your (Vaginal) Health
Seriously! When aroused by your vibrator (or by your partner), the lining of the vagina produces secretions to create moisture. In turn, this increases vaginal elasticity, which is extremely important to vaginal health. During arousal, the cervix also opens, which helps flush out any unwanted fluids that could otherwise lead to an infection. 

Good Vibes = Better Orgasms
Some studies have shown that masturbating with a vibrator can result in longer and better orgasms. Enough said and challenge accepted!

Three’s Company
We love partner play +1. Create new sensations and excitement by introducing the good vibrations to sexy time with your partner. We think it’s such an empowering experience to share what you’ve learned about your body in order to communicate to your partner what you like (and suggest new things they may like too).

How Do You Choose The Right One For You?

Discover New. Discover You.
From powerful vibrations to stimulating suction you can customize your experience to suit your personal pleasure preference thanks to multiple speeds, intensity levels, modes, remotes and apps – yes, apps! Think of vibrators as sex-tech. The best vibrators on the market are designed using modern, sophisticated pleasure stimulation technology so you can choose your own sexual adventure 

This can all be super overwhelming to go through so, we’ve done the work for you to find the 3 Best Vibrators in 2021 for women.

Nothing But The Best
We started by looking at the 3 most popular vibrator categories out there - the bullet, the bullet with suction, and the infamous combination (AKA the rabbit). Based on our extensive research and testing, we chose the best of the bunch based on a combination of overall experience, quality, price, brand reputation, and approachability.

Meet Our Picks For Best Vibrators:

Precision Point Clitoral Vibration: We Vibe Tango-X Bullet

Pleasure Air ™ Technology For Clitoral Suction Stimulation: Womanizer Lily Allen X Liberty

Simultaneous Clitoral + G-Spot Stimulation (AKA The Rabbit): We Vibe Nova 2

Whether this is your first-time or you’re adding to your arsenal of sex toys, we’re confident you’re going to love this self-love journey with your new ride. And in an effort to keep the conversation going, we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below or as a review on our vibrator pages. It’s healthy, important, and fun to talk about Vibrators with your friends too - so make sure you do that!

A note to you from us....
We like to think of ourselves as a valuable resource for things down south by providing comfortable, safe spaces with information and products that inspire you with confidence. We hope you think of us this way too. While conducting our research over the past year, we noticed there was a bit of a gap in the sex toy market, specifically in the tasteful + tailored shopping experience area. So, we decided to create our own... and we could not be more excited.

These Top Three Vibrators are now available for you online @ WAXON.ca and in our WAXON Locations


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