Vibrator - Lily Allen Liberty x Womanizer

Co-designed by singing superstar Lily Allen, this special edition of the Womanizer LIBERTY is the brightest and boldest way to celebrate self-love. With a travel-friendly design and intense, contact-free clitoral stimulation, LIBERTY is the perfect duet partner to help you hit the high notes at home and away. 

Tucking all of Womanizer's beloved Pleasure Air Technology into a travel-ready size complete with a totally discreet magnetic case, the bright, beautiful Lily Allen LIBERTY sets you free to enjoy orgasm seeking adventures.

The Liberty's petite shape is easy and comfortable to hold in just about any position. Just tuck the curvy base into your palm and direct the soft silicone treatment tip to your or your partner's clitoris/other outer sweet spots. The Lily Allen LIBERTY was specifically designed to stimulate without overwhelming sensitive areas, so you'll only need to use the lightest touch (some people require no direct contact at all!) to reap all of LIBERTY'S empowering, over-the-top orgasmic benefits.

"I hope that this collaboration will lead to people feeling like they can talk more freely about masturbation and if somebody like me can talk openly about it without shame, then they might feel inclined to try it out for themselves - a whole new world awaits." #IMasturbate - Lily Allen


·  Designed with 6 NEW Intensity levels and Womanizer's innovati­ve Pleasure Air Technology, which has been developed for you and your body. It allows you to experience a climax within a very short time, without you feeling overstimu­lated or coming to rely on it. 

· Waterproof IPX7, cover w/ magnetic closing mechanism, easy to use w/ two buttons(+ -), 1 white LED with charging level indicator, soft touch finish, charging w/ micro USB cable, bodysafe silicone stimulation head, hypoallergenic, multi-function, multi-speed, non-phallic, Girth: 5.5" at largest point / Width: 1.75" at largest point

HOT TIP! The pH Balanced Intimate Skin Cleanseris perfect to keep both yourself and your "duet partner" fresh + clean. Click to shop!


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