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Below is a description of the WAXON Smooth Society Membership Program and its associated terms. 

For information about how we collect, use, process and otherwise handle your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy at  As well, WAXON's products and services are subject to our Term and Conditions, which can be found at 

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WAXON Smooth Society Membership Program 

The following monthly free service is included with your WAXON Smooth Society Membership, depending on which membership you chose: 

$15 Smooth Selfie (1 Free Facial Service per Month)  

MAIN BENEFIT: Free monthly (single) facial wax or threading service.  Laser, combo, and promotional services not included.  

$42 Smooth Silhouette (1 Free Waxing Service per Month)  

MAIN BENEFIT: Any (single) free waxing service. Laser, combo, and promotional services not included.   

Additional Perks  

The following additional perks are included for all Smooth Society Members:   

  • Member pricing on all additional services: Waxing 15% off, Laser 20% off 

Smooth Society Membership Terms  

The following are terms that apply to the Smooth Society Membership Program (as of April 18, 2022):   

  • By enrolling in the Smooth Society Membership Program, you agree (or, if you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian agrees) to be bound by the provisions set out herein. 
  • The free monthly service includes any non-combo or promotional service on our menu excluding laser.   
  • Eligible services are subject to change. 
  • There is no limit to the number of discounted services you can receive under one membership, in addition to the one free service each month. 
  • Memberships are non-transferrable. Your membership is personal to you – you may not assign your membership to another individual.  
  • Memberships can be used at any WAXON location and perks can be redeemed at any WAXON location. 
  • Missed free monthly services cannot be transferred or rolled over to the following month   
  • If you “no-showed” for your free monthly service, the service will be deemed rendered and you are not entitled to a replacement free service for that month.  
  • Bar tabs cannot be transferred over to a membership (see ‘program exclusions’ below for details). 
  • You must be age 12 years or older and a legal resident of Canada to be eligible for participation. Persons under the age of 18 (“minors”) must obtain their parents’ or legal guardians’ consent prior to participation.  
  • To enrol in the program, you must complete the Smooth Society Membership application. You must keep your personal information up to date.   
  • The Smooth Society Membership Program is void where prohibited by law. 

Payment and Pricing   

  • Memberships can be purchased in store, online or through the WAXON app.  
  • The monthly membership fee will be charged to your credit card on the day you sign up and on the same day each month thereafter for the duration of your membership. 
  • Your membership month is defined as all the days between the anniversary day of one month to the anniversary day of the following month.  For example, if you sign up on the 5th of April, your membership month will start on the 5th of each month will end at the end of the day on the 4th day of the following month.  If you sign up on the 31st of the month, then your month will end on the 28th, 30th or 31st of the following month, as applicable. 
  • WAXON reserves the right to increase membership fees upon 30 days of written or electronic notice to member. 
  • Additional taxes/fees may apply. 
  • You authorize WAXON to charge your monthly membership fee to your credit card. The authorization will remain in effect until your membership is terminated. 
  • Memberships will be charged in full-month increments. 
  • You agree to notify WAXON of any change to your credit card information. 
  • In the event your membership fee is declined by your credit card, you must provide an alternate credit card to be charged.  You remain liable for all membership fees even if the charges are declined by your credit card. 
  • Refunds are not issued for unused services. 
  • Prices are subject to change. 
  • Prices may vary by location.  

Program Exclusions 

  • Smooth Society Membership Program benefits may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.   
  • Existing wax or laser bar tabs cannot be transferred to a membership.  However, if an exception is made, you will receive a store credit for the balance of the remaining value of the bar tab that can only be used towards the purchase of Products and Services, excluding memberships, online purchases and gift cards. 
  • If WAXON or any of its locations offer a discount or promotion, it may not be combined with any Smooth Society Membership Program benefit. 

No-Show Appointments 

We require at least 12 hours’ notice to cancel any appointment, including free service and discounted member appointments, and a credit card number is required to hold your reservation. Members are required to abide by the cancellation policy.  No-show and same-day cancellations will be charged 50% of the service booked to the card number with which they are associated. If the service is a free service then the service will be deemed rendered and you are not entitled to a replacement free service for that month.   

Cancellation & Freezing  

  • You have the ability to ‘freeze’ your membership for one month each calendar year. 
  • You are required to notify your WAXON location to freeze your membership at least 7 days prior to the start of your next membership month in order to freeze your membership for that membership month. 
  • After the initial 3 months of your membership, you have the ability to cancel your membership by giving at least one full one month's notice by email. Therefore, each membership has a four-month minimum. You may have the right to cancel your membership earlier under applicable law. 
  • Should you decide to cancel your membership, the cancellation will take effect on the effective date of your cancellation (i.e. at the end of the 30 day notice period) if the effective date of your cancellation is also on your renewal date, otherwise your cancellation will be effective on the next renewal date, unless otherwise required by applicable law.  
  • All entitlements and benefits under the program are terminated when your membership is frozen or cancelled.   
  • The location owner reserves the right to terminate your membership, without refund, in the event of a failed payment or inappropriate conduct by you (as determined by the owner) which termination will be effective immediately. 

Termination Policy 

We may terminate your membership at any time by notifying you. You will be responsible for paying the monthly fee in respect of the membership month during which we terminated your membership, but no future months.  In the event of termination or cancellation of the program, or in the event the enrolment location closes, WAXON and its affiliates will have no obligation to provide, and the member will not be entitled to receive, any compensation in any form for any dollars or services remaining in the member’s account as of the date of such closure, termination or cancellation.   

Additional Terms 

We reserve the right to change, restrict or cancel the WAXON Smooth Society Membership Program at any time.  

We reserve the right to revoke anyone's membership at any time.  

Each WAXON location is independently owned and operated by its owner.  Neither WAXON Enterprise Inc. nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates is the owner of the location where you have your membership or is responsible for any benefits or other rights associated with your membership, which shall be strictly between you and the owner of the location.  

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