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Keep your glowing, smooth skin going! Our carefully curated selection of products help you pamper and care for your skin pre and post hair removal. All products can be found online and in ours stores.

Skincare for hair removal

Make the most of your waxing and laser hair removal results by introducing the best possible skincare routine pre and post-hair removal. There are many benefits to investing into quality products that care for your skin on your hair removal journey, and we have a selection of favourites to help!

Our very own body by WAXON line provides you with a variety of options for maintaining healthier skin and achieving the best results from your hair removal routine. Proper exfoliation and moisturizing prior to waxing helps to remove dead skin cells and softens the hair, this makes the waxing process easier and reduces the likelihood of hair breakage. For post-wax care, the ritual of exfoliation and skin nourishment boosts the results of your wax, helps prevent ingrown hair and generally keeps your skin glowing!

To keep your skin exfoliated and buffed to glowy perfection, we have several options for you! If you love a good combination product, we recommend body by WAXON's loofa soap (our favourite is honey peach!). If you're leaning away from wanting anything scented, our Buff Exfoliating Mitt is a fan favourite.