Make it Simple. But Significant.

  • Our concept is simple. We specialize in hair removal, offering our clients the best wax and laser experience every time. Everything at WAXON, from the service offering, purchasing systems to franchise management is all about keeping it simple with significant support. We don’t overcomplicate things, that’s why hair removal is the only thing ‘On Tap’ at this bar!

Be the Best of the Best

  • If you like to win, why not become a part of the #1 Wax and Laser Bar concept in Canada. We are modest about a lot of things but our Waxbar’s aren’t one of them. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, superior Client experience and exclusive products; including our proprietary wax, WAXON GOLD and top of the line laser hair removal technology.

The WAXON Family

  • Maintaining our brand, culture and quality of our product is everything to us as we grow WAXON. We are a tight knit family and seek out highly qualified individuals to become our franchise partners that will share our mission to offer Clients the smoothest wax experience, every time!



  • We are looking for Partners that love WAXON and the values that we stand for. If you don’t love WAXON as much as we do, this isn’t the brand for you

  • You have the money required $$$

  • Bright, friendly and motivated. A hard working people-person who respects others and themself

  • Want to own your own business and work for yourself but are looking for systems, structure and direction

  • No criminal background

  • You are prepared, excited and driven to work hard to deliver results



We know this is a huge investment so we’ve broken down our franchise costs here. Once we determine that you are the perfect partner to own a WAXON we can discuss the financial costs associated with fun stuff like construction, site selection, product stocking and staffing! In the meantime, this should give you a general idea of the initial upfront investment

Franchise Fee $32,000
Royalty 6%
Marketing Fee 1.5%
Total Upfront Investment $250k - $450k

SO MANY Q's...

Of course Spa experience is always great, but not required. If you have experience running a business or team that includes working with employees and customers that would be most valuable. However, we are along for the ride and provide you with an extensive training program, manuals and provide ongoing support to you and your team.

WAXON does not provide financing options at this time. Have no fear; there are other financing opportunities!

We recommend the Canadian Small Business Financing Loan (CSBF). This loan can be used for 90% of the eligible costs related to leasehold improvements and equipment.

To learn more click here:


The initial franchising fee is $32,000, payable upon signing your franchise agreement. The royalty fee is 6% of gross sales (net sales + comps and discounts)

The corporate advertising fees are 1.5% of gross sales. This fee is put towards our National Marketing Plan which includes maintaining our Digital Presence, Social Media, Public Relations and Promotional Campaigns. Our Franchise Partners are also required to spend 1.5% of gross sales on local advertising to amplify awareness in their local markets.

Average square footage of our locations are between 700 -1500 square feet.

You have up to 9 months after signing the Franchise Agreement to find your location.


Want to Be Part of the Hottest Bar in Town?

WAXON Waxbar is Franchising!