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Alternatives to Traditional Period Products

July 21, 2021

If you’re anything like us, then growing up you were also taught that there were two options when it came to dealing with your period: pads or tampons. Well, prepare for your mind to be blown because there are so many new period products on the market, we don’t know which to choose! In addition to being better for your body, wallet, and the environment, some of the alternatives below also happen to be super cute (we’re looking at you, period panties!). Keep reading for a guide to some of our fave new period products.

Organic Cotton Tampons

  • What are they? They look like regular tampons but they’re made of organic cotton, which is more eco-friendly (it requires less water to grow, is pesticide free, and is grown from non-GMO seeds). Plus, Cora Organic Applicator Free Tampons use a chlorine-free bleaching process and come without those bulky plastic applicators that inevitably end up in the garbage.
  • Pros: Better for the environment (biodegradable and compostable), virtually no learning curve if you’re used to tampons
  • Cons: Not reusable so you’re still creating waste, can be more expensive than regular tampons (we recommend buying in bulk!)

Period Underwear

  • What is it? A pair of underwear that has a thicker lining to absorb blood. Brands like Knix have a range of cute styles and colours and have different absorbency levels for light, medium, and heavy flow days.
  • Pros: Reusable, can be washed with your regular laundry, very quick to get used to, plenty of styles (thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, etc... )
  • Cons: Pairs designed for heavy flows can feel bulky compared to regular underwear (not ideal for when you’re wearing tight clothing like leggings), more expensive than regular underwear

Menstrual Cups

  • What are they? Small reusable cups (usually made of silicone) that you insert into your vaginal canal. The cup fills with blood and you empty it out throughout the day.
  • Pros: Reusable, up to 12 hours of protection, available in multiple sizes
  • Cons: Can be tricky to insert/remove at first, must sterilize the cup in boiling water between use
Menstrual Discs
  • What are they?  Similar to a menstrual cup, they come in a disc shape and are usually made of plastic. They must be inserted into the vaginal fornix, which is deeper in the vaginal canal than where a menstrual cup or tampon sits.
  • Pros: Up to 12 hours of protection, can leave it in during sex
  • Cons: Disposable (although they hold more blood than tampons so you’ll go through far less), can be tricky to insert and messy to remove

 Reusable Cloth Pads

  • What are they?  Pads made of several layers of cotton that snap into your underwear
  • Pros: Can be washed with your regular laundry, reusable (last up to five years), easy to use, available in multiple sizes, more absorbent than disposable pads, up to six hours of protection
  • Cons: Prone to sliding around in your underwear, can be bulky depending on the size

Now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to start experimenting! Though it might be an adjustment at first, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long in no time.

Which tampon/pad alternative would you be more likely to try? We’d love to know! And remember, there’s no better way to keep things feeling fresh on your period than with South’s pH Balanced Intimate Skin Cleanser+ Probiotic Deo Mist(the perfect duo in our books).

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