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COVID-19 Special addition: Your guide to at-home grooming

March 31, 2020

We’ve received so many questions around how to handle at home grooming while social distancing.

We want to make sure that we're providing you with the best tips and tricks to get through this prickly time without us (pun intended), until we reopen our doors and can service all your hair removal needs once again. 

Here are our top at home grooming tips and tricks (or if you choose to take this opportunity to go au naturel we’ll see you when we reopen!)


This is our (current) suggested hair removal method for below the belt. Trimming is the best option for all of you that have been so committed to frequently waxing all these years as it keeps you tidy and groomed without interrupting your hair growth cycle. It's also clean and hygienic and shouldn't cause any irritation. Happy grooming sans razor burn!

The great thing about trimming is you can choose your style preference as you can control how short you go - getting as close as 0.5mm with certain trimmers.


  • Use/buy a trimming tool that offers a close trim for best results as scissors aren't as precise (and you definitely don't want to cut yourself!).
  • Click here for our recommended trimmer 
  • Follow trimming tool instructions carefully
  • Clean tool after each use

If trimming is not your thing…


Laser clients: Don’t worry about missing your next session, your long-term results won’t be impacted. Continue to shave as normal - this will help stimulate hair growth. Why?

Laser technology works by attacking the follicle at a certain point in the growth cycle. Shaving doesn’t interrupt the growth cycle so continuing to shave between missed laser session(s) will just pause the treatment. Results to date won't be reversed, because the already "destroyed" hairs will stay that way. Resuming your laser treatment when we reopen will continue your laser journey as normal.

Waxing clients:  We suggest you shave in less sensitive areas such as legs and underarms to avoid irritation. WARNING: shaving can stimulate hair growth.


  • Exfoliate. Regrowth from shaving can cause an uncomfortable itch or irritation so it’s important to exfoliate the area. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and brings newer, healthier skin cells to the surface. Exfoliate in the opposite direction of hair growth. Check out Body by WAXON · Citrus Mint Body Polish
  • Use a fresh, clean, razor with a medium such as an oil or cream. Make sure to dispose of your razor/blade after 3-10 uses
  • Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth for a close shave
  • Use an ingrown hair serum to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs. Check out South · AHA/PHA Ingrown Serum 


Ideal for facial hair. WARNING: depilatory creams and bleaching creams can cause irritation, don’t use on hyper sensitive skin.


  • Follow instructions carefully - each brand differs
  • Only apply to areas with hair
  • Don’t forget to do a patch test on a sensitive area such as the wrist first


While you're practicing social distancing, we suggest you take this opportunity to let your brows grow out so we can help you achieve your desired brow shape when we reopen! However, if you must maintain, we understand and recommend you...

This will keep your brows tidy and groomed and won't affect the desired shape you have achieved or are striving for. 


  • Use sharp tweezers and a makeup brush or tweezers to map
  • Use a white eyeliner to mark mapped areas and only remove stray hairs outside of these areas
  • Brush brows up using a clean disposable mascara wand and only trim noticeably out of place hairs up top

Unless you’re a trained aesthetician, please avoid waxing yourself at home to reduce the risk of creating any sticky messes and causing any skin issues such as irritation, bruising or burning.

We recognize there are more body parts than listed above so use this as a guide for all other areas of the body. Any questions... reach out to us. We're here to support your hair removal needs at ALL times!

Reach out to info@waxon.ca for hair removal support.

Stay well. Stay calm. Stay (virtually) connected.



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Josie Giovenco
Josie Giovenco

October 21, 2022

Hi Lexi and Team…thank you for starting WeGoThere as soo needed. I talk about vagina and healthy care especially during and after menopause but people are still very shy. I use The Wand tool by Hitachi and care of hair and area is soo important.

There are sooo many topics to discuss in this professional and secure environment and happy to send an email on this..can you reach out to me to let me know if that is ok as noticed you are targeting pregnancy topics and not sure of the depth and scope of conversation. I am a 51 year young female and many of my colleagues are still timid about such conversation and we can’t find an environment of your caliber to discuss such as waxing and laser care is so well in align to carry the topic further. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again

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