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It's a Date! What to expect at a WAXON Appointment

November 18, 2020

Whether you’re thinking of coming to WAXON for the first time or are a client already, we want you to know what you can expect at an appointment. Predictability and consistency is important to us so check out below what you can be sure to expect during every visit at WAXON.  

It’s All About You:  

Providing an exceptional and consistent client experience is what we’re all about at WAXON. Our foundation is built on quality, affordability and convenience. We’ve always got you in mind in everything we do, from our services, products and even this blog - we provide a holistic channel of resources.  

Our First Date:  

We care about you, so we want to know it all. When you arrive for your first ever appointment, after you're greeted by a welcoming face, we will ask you to fill out a health waiver, as we need to be informed of your medical history in case there are any health issues that could affect your treatment. For all future appointments, once in the service room with your Waxologist or Laserologist, you will be asked if there have been any changes in your medical history. We always appreciate our clients being forthright and honest about any new health issues or medication changes.   

6 Step Approach to Waxing / Laser: 

Our Waxologists and Laserologists follow a 6 step process for all services, to prep and replenish the skin both pre and post-wax to encourage healthy skin and hair growth. 

Refresh | Relax | Remove | Relieve | Renew | Revitalize… sounds lovely doesn’t it? And it is! Our team takes pride in providing you with an exceptional service every time and remember, we know hair removal because it’s all we do. 

Reminder at WAXON double-dipping is a HUGE no-no! We use one stick per dip and the stick is disposed after use (even pre COVID). Hygiene always come first! 

For below the belt services, such as a Brazilian or Classic Bikini Wax, we have a few specific “customs” we prefer everyone follow. For example, upon arrival you will be given a South Fresh Wipe to freshen up with. If you are on your period, we kindly ask that you neatly tuck your tampon string, so it is out of the way (if applicable). 

We offer only the Best of the Best for our Clients:  

Our Services: 

We have the best laser machine in the biz and a triple threat approach to waxing that includes three different types of waxes; two of which are proprietary to WAXON. We've designed them to be the most effective, safest and pain-free waxes on the market. 

Our Waxologists use a combination of both hard and soft waxes to meet your unique hair removal needs. They choose which wax is best suited for each service depending on the area being waxed and each client's hair/skin type. If you're sensitive, we're happy to give you a free test strip to be sure you don’t experience any irritation. 

Our People: 

Our Waxologists are all certified aestheticians and have also graduated from our WAXON Training Program before joining our team. All of our Laserologists are certified medical aestheticians and must also graduate from our internal training program as well as complete Cynosure’s professional science & safety course, certified by a registered nurse. 

Our Products:  

We want you to achieve a flawless waxing/laser experience so we offer a variety of retail body products to complement our services. 

Our Body by WAXON line and South Intimate Skin Care Collection include products such as pH Balanced Intimate Skin Cleanser, Probiotic Deo-Mist and Sex H20 pH Balanced Lubricant (also known as our Lady Lube) to name a few. In our opinion, all of these should be staples in your beauty collection, but you be the judge! 

Before our next date:  

Follow the post care recommendations from your Waxologist or Laserlogist and book your next appointment. It's key to get yourself on a consistent hair removal schedule to achieve the best results. 

You'll be given the opportunity to review and rate your experience after each appointment, so please do, because we love feedback! 

Finally, and most importantly...

No Question is Off Limits:  

If you're new to hair removal or are a veteran trying a new service, please call or email and ask us anything. We're the experts and have seen and heard it all, trust us. 

We want every experience to be smoothest every time (pun intended). 

Stay tuned for our next article on tips to up your hair removal game! 

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