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Laser Love Q&A

May 19, 2021

Lockdown after lockdown has left many of us without a regular waxing schedule, and frankly we’re starting to notice that a lot of people are fed up with their body hair (ourselves included). This has led to an influx of inquiries about laser hair removal. Hailed as a more permanent alternative to waxing, laser might just be the perfect solution for anyone who’s annoyed AF with their pandemic regrowth. Prepare to have all your laser questions answered below! 

What is laser? 
Laser is a hair removal technique that damages hair follicles to prevent regrowth by using a concentrated beam of light (anyone else getting major Star Wars vibes?). In all seriousness though, laser is THE best way to significantly reduce the amount of hair long-term and is your best chance at saying bye bye bye to ingrown hairs forever. 

What can I expect? 
At WAXON, you can expect a quick and safe appointment with lasting results, all performed by one of our Certified Laserologists. To put our clients at ease, we offer a complimentary consultation where you can sit down with one of our Laserologists and discuss the process, ask any questions you may have, and develop a treatment plan. 

How long will it take to notice a difference?  
It varies from person to person, but you should be able to notice significant hair reduction after just six to eight sessions. 

Does it hurt? 
Honestly, some people experience zero pain while others experience mild pain, but regardless, it’s a lot less painful than you think it’s going to be. Some people refer to it as an “elastic band snap” sensation but because the service is so quick (and we offer Zensa numbing cream if needed), it’s really nothing to worry about. In fact, most clients say waxing is far more painful!  

Will my skin be red? For how long?  
Redness or “flushed” skin is totally normal after laser. Give it 24 hours and the redness should subside. Our Laserologists apply aloe vera right after the service which reduces the redness and eases any mild pain almost immediately. However, if you’re concerned, you can always apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation or more aloe at home. 

How many sessions do I need?
You’ll likely need six to eight sessions to start, however, additional appointments may be required for significant hair reduction. 

How long is each session?
Laser appointments at WAXON last between 10 and 30 minutes… it’ll be over before you know it. 

Will the hair grow back?
It depends on the person, but generally you can expect long-term results. Hormonal changes (such as during pregnancy or menopause) and certain medications and vitamins can stimulate hair growth, which may increase the likelihood of the hair returning. For some, touch up sessions may be required in the months or years following the initial laser treatment. 

Does it matter what colour my hair/skin is?
Our state-of-the-art laser machine uses Skintel technology that creates customized settings for each individual person, ensuring it is effective on any skin colour. That said, platinum, white, or grey hair is unlikely to take well to laser treatment as the machine requires pigment in order to do its job. If you’re unsure whether you’re a candidate for laser, we encourage you to book a complimentary laser consultation with one of our Certified Laserologists. 

As much as we love waxing, we have to admit that laser offers some pretty impressive benefits, especially when we’re in the midst of lockdown #345697. Although the up-front costs of laser are more than waxing, you’ll save plenty of money (and time) in the long run. Short appointments of 30 minutes or less, not having to get waxed every month, and never having to shave with a crappy disposable razor ever again are just a few of the perks.  

Still not convinced, have some questions or, you’re ready to start your laser hair removal journey? Email us at laser@waxon.ca book a free laser consultation – we’re happy to help! 

AND, for a limited time we’re offering an extra 15% off Laser Bar Tabs when you book through laser@waxon.ca  

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