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Valentines Day Prep Made Easy

February 09, 2022

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means we’re in full-on prep mode. If you’re anything like us, then your ideal V-Day includes copious amounts of chocolate, a bottle of red wine, and of course, smooth skin. And if you need some help with that last part of the equation, WAXON is here. Check out a breakdown of our top hair removal treatments below, just in time for a V-Day date night.

Our Top Treatments

  • The Brazilliant: Leave little to the imagination with The Brazilliant. Our take on the classic Brazilian, this treatment removes all hair below the belt, including between the bum cheeks. PS. Our Signature Gold Wax was MADE for Brazilliants... Seriously, you will love how smooth everything is. Available as a wax or laser treatment.
  • Le Propre Derrière: For a smooth booty just in time for V-Day, look no further than Le Propre Derrière. This treatment removes all hair on and between the bum cheeks (think a peach without the fuzz). We love this to help show off a great asset ;) Available as a wax or laser treatment.
  • Full Arm/Leg: Enjoy smoother skin than you ever thought possible. Full Arm sessions remove all hair from the shoulders down to the wrists, hands, and fingers, while the Full Leg covers everything from the hip to the ankle, including the feet and toes. Once you try arm waxing you'll be hooked. Both are available as a wax or laser treatment.
  • Brow Shaping: We’re bringing back the trendy 2014 phrase just to say that if there’s any day of the year when you want your eyebrows to be on fleek, it’s V-Day. WAXON offers both threading and wax brow treatments, including full Brow Shaping and The Divider (aimed at removing hair between the brows). PS. Our expert Waxologists truly are artists when it comes to brow shaping. You'll leave feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

 Waxing & Laser Tips

  • Exfoliate and moisturize your skin the night before your appointment.
  • For waxing, for the best experience and the smoothest results, hair should be about the length of a grain of rice. If it's a little longer that is ok - we've seen it all!
  • For Laser, ensure you shave all areas you will be treating the night before.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure or self-tanners in the two weeks before and after your treatment.
  • Although the WAXON waxing and laser services are as painless as it gets, if you tend to be on the more sensitive side apply a topical anesthetic like Zensa Numbing Cream 30 minutes before your appointment.

Tips For Booking In + Living Smoother Longer

  • Download the WAXON app: Book your laser, waxing, or threading appointment with ease using the WAXON app, available on the AppleApp Store and Google Play Store.
  • Purchase bar tabs and save! When you buy more, you enjoy free sessions or juicy discounts up to 25%.
  • For waxing, for the smoothest, most comfortable experience come in every 4 weeks. Hot Tip: We recommend scheduling recurring appointments so you are always prepared ;)  
  • For laser, for the best, most effective results it's important to stick to a 6-8 week schedule until your laser hair removal journey is complete!

What are you waiting for? Make this February 14th your smoothest V-Day yet by booking a laser or waxing appointment with WAXON.

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